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In a resort style setting

Enjoy our single suite rooms to recover in your own tranquility. 

Tropical Hotel Room
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  • Offering overnight to seven-night stays

  • Companions are allowed in all suites

  • 3 meals daily included 

  • 24 HR Round Clock Medical Care included

  • Unlimited snacks & beverages

  • Vitals checked & Prescription P/U or Delivery

  • Wellness Check and counseling available by house clinical social worker.

  • Airbnb available, for private studio apartment (great for families)


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  • Transportation complimentary to a few select plastic surgery facilities (pre-op & surgery, only)

  • We offer p/u and drop off to Atl international airport.(addtl. fees apply)

More details can be found on our policy/faq page

Thank you for TRusting us!


Book your stay w/ us as soon as you have your surgery date. Calendar does fill up quickly. 

Enjoy Healing Reclaiming Self Recovery home


Book your stay to a day before your Pre-op Date. We want to make sure you're settled in comfortably in your private suite before your surgery journey begins. Once checked in allow Healing Reclaiming Self staff to take care of you.


Our House Nurse and team of round the clock medical professionals are great!


If you are looking for lymphatic massages, plus more, please check out our add-on packages.


We will supply most supplies for your after care after surgery. Please check out or FAQ page for more details on what you should pack. 

Book Your Stay w/ us At Healing Reclaiming Self

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